In the modern day, mobile apps have become powerful tools.With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, it is safe to say that mobile applications and their use would not be fading anytime soon. However, the success of mobile application depends on a large extent onmobile apps marketing. Many app development companies did not pay attention to the marketing side of things in the past, but today, marketing is just as important as development.

Statistics reveals that 268 billion estimated mobile downloads in 2017 would generate revenue of USD 77 Billion. (Source: Meticulous planning and well-strategized marketing are inevitable. Let’s tell you why!

To Understand Competitors
Marketing starts way before an application is developed. It starts with market research, which is basically undertaken to understand competitors and their applications. From analysing their names to their target audiences, this research is fundamental if you want to know what the trends are, and what the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors are.

To Understand What People Want
Market research doesn’t just talk about what your competitors are doing; it also tells you what your target audience wants. Research thoroughly to see the comments and feedback from customers of your competitors’ apps. See what they have to say, and develop your app accordingly. The ultimate aim is to replicate, or even enhance what customers found good in competing apps, and at the same time, reduce or eliminate the bad.

To Let People Know
You might have developed the best mobile application in the world, but if there’s no marketing, you cannot ever expect people to find out about your product. For this reason, it’s best to keep the marketing team in close connection with the development team. A marketing team that gets involved in the development process would get the time to thoroughly understand the app, its USP, and also its target audience. With this information, it can spread the word, and keep people on their toes.

To Understand the Long-Term Effects
Once an application is launched, the marketing team should quickly spring into action to make sure that there is desired user retention and engagement. If your application turns out to be a commercially successful one, the marketing team should concentrate its efforts in measuring parameters like Daily Active Users (DAU), Monthly Active Users (MAU), Retention Rate, and Life Time Value (LTV). Marketing teams without a proper plan generally concentrate only on the revenue generated, but revenue is not always a true indicator of long-term performance and sustainability.

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