Cost per Install


Enhance App Discoverability Without Wasting Media Spend

  • Affordably advertise on a wide mobile ad network
  • Advanced targeting for mobile apps serving niche users
  • Drive installs with trusted publishers and from real users
  • Detect abnormal installs so you don’t pay for fraud installs

A strong and steady flow of users is crucial for the on-going success of any mobile app. The mobile app marketing experts at AppDexterity make use of data insights, tools, and strategies to attract new users with cost per install campaigns. Our advanced targeting strategies enable us attract the right group of consumers who are more likely to become loyal users with time.



Intelligent Cost Per Install Services from AppDexterity

We don’t throw darts in the dark. The AppDexterity professionals identify the most appealing user segments for your mobile app and target them with the best-suited publishers.

Performance Based Advertising That Shrinks Ad Waste
It only costs you when someone installs your mobile app from the ad. It’s that simple. No strings attached. This boosts your return on investment in acquiring new users for your app. We use advanced tools to track installs and trace out fraudulent downloads so you don’t have to bear the cost of such installs. We work out the best cost per install based on factors such as targeted app store, geography and more.
Bring You the Best Strategic Mix
What would work better for your app success – an ad offering a reward for download or just a plain ad that says you are there? The mobile app marketing experts at AppDexterity have the answer. We assist you in making the tough decisions for your cost per install campaign, so that you can acquire high-quality users and avoid over-spend on app promotion.
Ensure Deeper Connections with Targeted Campaigns
We leverage our extensive mobile ad network to help you quickly and cost-effectively enhance your app’s discoverability across several mobile devices. We promote your mobile app to consumers who are interested in apps like yours. Targeting to an already interested audience boosts the chances of your users staying loyal to your app much after the initial install and use.


Why Choose Our Cost per Install Services?

  • Promote your mobile app to millions of interested consumers
  • Engaging campaigns that make your user acquisition efforts more powerful
  • Effectively execute rewarded or non-rewarded ads that drive app installs
  • Proven methods to acquire high-quality users for apps from diverse categories
  • Most competitive cost per install that engage real users
  • Reach out to a wide audience by advertising on local to global scale
  • No big talks. We provide analytical reports of the results

Ready to turbocharge your mobile application success?

Find out how cost per install services from AppDexterity can turn your mobile app into making profit for you.